MillerCoors & Hop Valley


And another one bites the dust..

Have you guys heard the news? MillerCoors has made their second big move this month and purchased majority stake in Oregon-based brewery, Hop Valley; MC is adding the brewery to their Tenth & Blake arena, which has four brands already, but hoping to expand their portfolio.

What does this mean for craft beer? Bigger brands, like MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch, are having to get pretty crafty with their plans of attack, with consumers drinking less of the big-brand beer and are investing more in the smaller breweries- and these companies are taking note.

MillerCoors has been lacking on the hop front, and this gives them a huge advantage in the IPA industry. While details are still rolling in, Hop Valley is expected to keep ownership, management and control over their brews, while continuing to work with smaller breweries and call the shots on what they brew. Can we assume this is a deal solely on distribution grounds? Or should we be worried about the beer quality suffering? I’ve been a huge fan of Hop Valley since I was introduced a few months ago, and I’m just scared to see it go (if it does)! Don’t get me wrong, this deal will help Hop Valley expand their distribution like crazy, and they are projecting a 60,000 barrel year this year, but at what cost?

I just have to say, I hope they stand their ground and keep making amazing brews!

Cheers Xx


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