Hooligan Stout

We move in to our new place in just nine days. You guys I’m so excited! As much as I love this three month sleepover with my girls, this new house is going to be everything that is perfect- and hopefully that means a kegerator.

I’m thankful for beer friends that give me 22s of new things to try, and this one just happened to be from Old Schoolhouse Brewing in Winthrop! I was able to check out their beer at the beer fest, but haven’t had the time to drive eight years over there.

DSC06554It’s colder than 70 degrees and I’m sitting here in my Patagona fleece and a blanket- who did this to me?! Thankfully I have a handful of stouts in the fridge and thought that it would be the perfect time to bust out this Hooligan Stout. As soon as I opened it I definitely got hit in the face with a strong stout/alcohol scent and really expected it to be over the top. After pouring it, the nose was full of coffee, chocolate and roasted malts.. pretty much everything I love about a good stout! I really dug the level of coffee that came through in this stout; the taste was full of malt, chocolate and deep coffee notes, and had a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. For a 7.6% stout, I got a bit more alcohol in the taste than I’m used to, but overall it was pretty enjoyable!

I’m so ready for Fall and stout season. I know I know.. stout season is all the time. BUT. Breweries have yet to figure that out, and they need to brew them all the time. If you can’t make it out to Winthrop, look at some local stores such as PCC, Hagen & some bottle shops!

Cheers Xx


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