Two Beers Fresh Hoppin’

I promised myself I would wait until Friday to work on any sort of non-school-related writing business; I’m two days away from college graduation AND we just moved in to our new place… you could say my head is kind of spinning right about now. With my lack of attention span and anxiety up to my ears, I only felt it would be appropriate to suck down a beer, and what better way than the new Fresh Hop IPA from Two Beers Brewing!

DSC06594.jpgThere’s something so amazing about fresh hop beers that really get me going; from the time those beautiful hops leave the vine and become delicious beer, it’s only a 24 hours window; and that’s no exception for Two Beers. Fresh hop beers aim to capture all that moisture that the hop is still hanging on to, which gives those fresh hop beers a very big and juicy flavor.

This beer is getting me really excited for Fresh Hop Fest in Yakima this coming October (pssssst- get your tickets here) where, ironically, Two Beers won first place last year for their fresh hop. This hyper seasonal IPA consists of Yakima Valley centennial hops, which offers some amazing floral & citrus notes, as well as Simcoe, Cascade and Amarillo hops tossed in there.  The aroma on this is really something else… huge levels of juicy citrus take over and definitely match the fresh punch of flavor. The color offers a nice copper/orange (I’m great at point out the obvious) and has some pretty amble lacing throughout.

Fresh Hop is released once a year, and you do NOT want to miss out on this! Two Beers is having their release on August 19th at The Woods down in SoDo, so go check it out and try their 7th year beer!

Cheers Xx


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