Kulshan Brewing & RMR

As of 8:22 yesterday morning, I have officially graduated college!! I expected to feel this overwhelming sense of calm, cool and collectedness… but I’m honestly just sitting here stressing out about the next 50 years of my life. Is this what adulting feels like??

I’ve started writing for this amazing Northwest base site, Respect My Region, and and I took on the task of Thirsty Thursday! So if you haven’t checked them out, seriously do- and not just because yours truly is now a big-time blogger.

DSC06614For my first official post (here) I decided to assign myself to drink four summer IPAs; have you seen me in a bottle shop? I went in for four IPAs and left with five cans and six 22s. It’s like I run in there making it rain (my wallet does NOT appreciate me). One of those beers just so happened to be Kulshan Brewing’s Bastard Kat IPA- and let’s just say I was pretty damn into it.

The beer pours your typical IPA golden orange and is pretty clear with a nice fluffy head and decent lacing. Definitely hop forward with a nice bitter bite, but not enough to really throw me off and the citrus notes along with a bready malt won me over with this beer. The only thing I would wish, dream and hope for is a bit more aroma! I felt like the taste took the cake (as it should, right?) but the lack of smell really threw me off! Bellingham offers some damn great breweries, and I’m just adding this to the list of places I gotta check out!


Cheers Xx


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