Liquid Sunshine

DSC06708Just when I think I can write off an entire style of beer, I get introduced to something so tasty. I might be one of the pickiest eaters/drinkers- we can thank my mom for that, so finding something that can turn my taste buds a full 180 is something impressive.

This chardonnay barrel aged belgian-style tripel from Silver City Brewery is beyond drinkable. I was introduced to wine aged beers at Sumerian Brewing, where I currently work, and haven’t seen them around until this guy was given to me!

There’s something so strange about wine aged beers that keep me so intrigued; the sweet characteristics from the grapes add a level of intensity to an already complex tripel and really takes those sweet, candied DSC06712and fruit notes to the next level. This being a tripel style, I was a bit nervous to dive on in. “Tripel” styles usually use three times the amount of malt (weird, wondered where the whole tripel name came from) and tends to be higher in alcohol, sweetness AND bitterness. As we know, malt really isn’t my jam…

Basically, this 9% beer really surprised me. Pouring like a true tripel, this beer was golden with a light fluffy head that left little lacing. The smell is completely intoxicating with notes of pear, apple, grape, white wine and delicious honey got me so excited to dive in to this beer. I liked how boozy this beer was and really ended on a wine/oak note that blends so well with the banana and doughy flavors of a typical tripel. Light carbonation threw me for a bit of a loop, but maybe that had something to do with the wine barrel? If you’re trying to find a beer that’s a little outside the box, I would definitely suggest picking up this little number. With a limited summer release, hurry up and grab this 500ML bottle while you can!


Cheers Xx


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