Cucumber Crush- 10 Barrel Brewing

We’ve been in our house for almost a month now- and yes, we still have boxes to unpack. Well, just things like food… and who needs that anyway? I’m not sure what’s more exciting: I have my own bed again (I was sharing with my best before) or that this house is PERFECT for beer pictures. I know, I have some great priorities.

dsc06721Seriously, before I even take a sip of beer I’m racing around trying to find the best lighting; I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I’m nuts.

I’ve experienced a few of 10 Barrel Brewing‘s beers, and have had mixed feelings. I’m not sure if it was all the Rogue and Deschutes (from our Oregon trip) I had before going to their taproom, or maybe just tried a few of the wrong things, but I had pretty much written them off.

I’ve been dabbling with sours a bit, and with all this drinking I’ve done lately I couldn’t help but gravitate towards this Cucumber Sour; light, refreshing & right up my alley. Berliner Weissbier’s are growing on me with their sour, mildly acidic and tart tastes, and this beer was no exception! True to the style, this beer poured a light hazy straw color with a head that disappeared without a trace. I wasn’t a fan of the aroma on this guy, and could have been turned off to the beer if I hadn’t given it a taste test. I loved how light this mouthfeel was, and seemed to be a bit sweet up front with flavors of cucumber, melon rind & wheat and finished with a nice tart, dry punch. Cucumber Crush

I was almost worried that the level of cucumber that might be experienced in this beer would be a bit too much; I had a bit of a tough run-in with some cucumber vodka in a bowling alley bathroom (don’t judge me, you were in college once), and had that slight fear I’d be back at Central Washington University again. But I almost got more melon off this beer, and I was absolutely loving it! Two of my friends even tried it, with great hesitation, and didn’t mind the cucumber TOO much- they lived to tell the tale! Honestly, this beer has changed my opinion of 10 Barrel, and just goes to show how annoying and crazy your tastebuds can be (and they can be changed, too!). This beer was perfectly drinkable at 4% and great for the ending of this warm summer weather. If you see this guy in stores, don’t shy away! Swoop it up and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Cheers Xx


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