Carina Peach Sour

I promise there will be more Porters, Stouts & IPAs coming your way; I had some peaches in the fridge that were trying not to live much longer, so you’ll have to suffer through this delicious peach sour with me!

dsc06869This sour comes from Ecliptic Brewing down in Oregon. I first saw this bottle and it instantly caught my eye with it’s *starry* label and bright pops of color- plus they keep the Ecliptic feel alive with the peach astrology.

With some high-tech and innovative googling, I actually discovered that Carina (name of the beer) is a real-life constellation in the actual universe, the keel of the ship Argo in the Southern sky. So… like… I see what you did there. Maybe it’s the 11th grade geek that’s coming out in me… but a brewery that also incorporates astronomy?! Sign. Me. Up!

I usually think of fruit beers as seasonal, but Ecliptic Brewing will actually be having this year round! You might not get the tasty fruit in store, but you can relive peach dreams whenever!

While I still haven’t dove in to fully sour beers, this ale was actually quite enjoyable; perfect for the summer season, but I’d find an excuse to drink this anytime. I really dug the hazy yellow poor with a fat white head that hung around for a little bit, with minimal lacing on the glass. The nose kind of smelt like a typical funky gose/sour thrown in with peach, lemon zest and maybe some wheat. The taste is a little more towards the light side of sour and had the perfect level of peaches. I’m starting to appreciate more of the tart and acidic notes that come with sour beers.dsc06877

If you’re looking for a sour beer- or looking for anything, you should definitely swoop up the Carina Peach Sour! It’s easy enough to train your pallet in to new beers, don’t be afraid of all the new things! Because… beer is the best thing in the world.


Cheers Xx


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