Pedal Genesis Porter


I’ve learned a few things this week: the dentist is the devil and only wants to torture me, I can’t have nice things and don’t ever let me open a wax-dipped beer bottle. I went to the dentist about a week ago and had my 6-month check up and, damn, were my teeth looking mighty fine. Okay, that was just personal opinion. Apparently I had these two teeny tiny little cavities (so tiny they tried to show me on the xray and I was like WHAT) and they made me come back in this week. Well. I went a few days ago and I still can’t eat. But thank god for beer! You don’t need teeth for this.

dsc06974I bought this barrel aged porter from Chainline Brewing a while ago; it was one of those moments where we were playing trivia and they announced they only had a few bottles so, being liquored up, I snagged one.

This beer poured a dark brown black with a pretty big frothy light brown head. Notes of oak, wood and cocoa with a light hint of bourbon hit your palette this beer tasted a lot lighter than I thought it would be and had minimal levels of bourbon or barrel. I’m not sure this is what they were going for, but I really like how the cocoa in the porter comes through a bit more- you aren’t overpowered with bourbon or booze. Mouthfeel was pretty medium, which surprised me, and offered up caramel flavors and toasty malts. I’m kind of torn when it comes to this beer; I know it should be more bourbon and barrel tasting, but I kind of like it for what it is. Overall, I’d probably lean more towards Chainline’s IPAs- those things are my jam.

Another thing- you probably shouldn’t let me open a wax dipped bottle. Ever. I think I almost cut myself a few times because lack of a proper knife! Here’s some proof at how great I am (don’t judge me):


Cheers Xx


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