Coconut Hiwa Porter


I don’t know if you heard, but apparently a big ol’ storm is about to hit Washington; up to 60mph winds, power outages and all the rain you could ask for.

So, make sure you’re all stocked up with candles, firewood (for toasty fires), charged phones, Harry Potter books and, of course, a shit ton of brews!

While I’m gearing up for Leavenworth’s Oktoberfest (please oh PLEASE don’t let the weather ruin it), I’m diving in on this Coconut Hiwa Porter from Maui Brewing and pretending that I have nothing else more tasking to do.

dsc06998Every time I see a coconut porter, I’m thrown back to Ashtown Brewing’s amazing porter or even Wingman Brewing’s P-51 Porter (coconut, but read about the Peanut butter here) and get my little hopes up. Overall, this was pretty tasty for a porter and pretty good but lacked that coconut flavor I longed for. It poured a nice dark brown and offered little head that disappears quickly and left behind a bit of lacing. Although there was just a hint of coconut, notes of milk chocolate, toasted malts and even subtle coffee; basically, all the tasty things. And the best part? On the back of the tongue you get lingering hints of vanilla as well! Yep, I’m in to this. It doesn’t quite offer the mouthfeel of a normal porter, and leaned towards a lighter mouthfeel, but a bit more carbonation.

If you’re in to porters, I definitely suggest checking out this guy- but just know that the coconut isn’t super involved!

Grab all your blankets and make sure to stay cozy over the weekend- we might be in for a  bit of a wild ride!


Cheers Xx


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