20 Corners Brewing


Washington is  blessed with the amount of breweries that call this state home; with over 300 breweries and new ones popping up every day, it’s damn near impossible to not benefit from all these tasty brews we have around us.

So what makes a brewery stand out? And how do you find the perfect one?

Every brewery is fighting for their craft beer to be the best of the best- or really, trying to bring something new to the table. Perhaps the second most important thing is atmosphere; while trying to jump between this IPA and that one, finding the perfect stout or scouting out something unique, I find the pub itself wins me over.

Seriously, have you been to a place that just didn’t have a good vibe? It almost ruins it for you! The expansion of breweries around the greater Seattle area is giving me hope that moving out of the city was a good idea.


One of those downright awesome places is 20 Corners Brewing Co. out of Woodinville that opened up just three months ago. If you’re in to really dope spots, this taproom will knock your socks off. From the clean exterior of the building, the industrial and sleek inside and awesome taproom garage doors, I had a bit of a fan-girl architecture moment (that’s a thing, right?). If you’re an outdoor fiend like most of us PNW’ers, you’ll dig the vibe of this taproom for sure. With big T.V.’s plastering the walls, you’ll find mostly some extreme sport being streamed (and don’t worry, Seahawks too) and chill surfer/reggae music on in the background. A passion for both beer and the outdoors brings something to the area that not a lot of other breweries have; you can feel the dedication, curiosity and adventure as soon as you step through the doors.

Head brewer/part owner Jake comes to the area from Colorado where he was brewing for six years at Upslope Brewing and Odd13 Brewing (add those to your travel list!) and helping out brewers around town. His passion for good beer, sports and opening a brewery led him to mesh with Vern & Andrew, the two other owners. The interesting thing about this brewery is that all three of these guys wanted to open up their own breweries; with individual passions, funding and excitement, 20 Corners is lucky enough to have literally all the beer enthusiasts!

dsc07012While these dudes are still getting things up and running, the dream is to have ten core beers and 22 rotating; currently they have about 16 brews on tap and have nailed down four to be consistent- you’ll just have to wait and see! Most of the rotating will be small-batch experimental brews that Jake’s mad scientist mind will brew up, along with cider and rumors of wine. Currently you can find some great fresh hop beers on tap, their infamous Autonomous IPA, stouts, ambers and saisons.  How are they going to accommodate such mayhem? The brewery actually owns the building, so with what seems like a bagillion square feet of open space, they are planning to expand to a 30bbl system in December and really get the brews flowing!

A lot of breweries in the area don’t offer food options other than a little nibble so 20 Corners decided to open with a fully functioning kitchen and some damn good food! If you know me, I am obsessed with pizza and pizza-like things and they just so happen to have really, really, really good pizza! Alongside that they offer ‘folds’ which are pretty much sandwiches but MADE WITH PIZZA DOUGH. That alone has be freaking out! Definitely snag the pretzel if you get the chance because that beer-cheese is 100% yes please.

Brewery shirts and swag might be some of my favorite things as well. I love being able to rep the beers I like and also the people I stand behind; 20 Corners offers some of seriously awesome things from shirts, sweatshirts & even snapbacks.

Have little ones? No worries! This brewery is all ages and allows those families to get together, enjoy some good food and brews as well.

The passion that these guys have shows in every aspect of their brewery and has been so well thought out and put together, it’s hard to not think that they might just take over the Eastside and raise that bar for breweries around town.  If you haven’t gotten in to the pub yet, you better hurry! Currently they are closed on Monday and Tuesday’s, but Wed-Fri they are open 3p.m.-10p.m., Sat 11a.m.-10p.m. & Sun 11a.m.-8p.m.

Cheers Xx


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