San Diego Beer Exploration- Day 3

Somehow, by day three, my liver was still intact and not wanting to murder me; I know, I’m surprised too! Aside from doing all the beer things, I really wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo and see all the animals, so we set aside Tuesday to get all of that done and ohhhhhh my lanta, I might have been more excited than most of the kids there.

Apparently you can spend five hours at the SD Zoo and not even see all of the things! Compared to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, there are three times as many animals. I mean… holy smokes. Among them are a sh*t ton of Koala bears, pandas, giraffes, all the flamingos your little heart desires & so much more! Also, you can get beer at the zoo.. so that’s pretty neat.


I’m not sure how we even had any energy to go to breweries; but being a bunch of alcoh– I mean champions, we popped over to Coronado Brewing to grab some brews and lunch! Coronado Island is a resort city in California and is just a bridge away (you can also take a ferry, but we were on strict beer time); seriously, it has some pretty dang cute houses and shops! They had a great beer selection with regulars like their idiot IPA, Guava Islander and Easy Up IPA but also a ton of rotating and seasonals like their Punk’in Dublic, their imperial pumpkin ale that is damn tasty, a limited coffee stout and even a Breast Cancer Month beer, Breast Beer Ever. If you’re going to go to the Coronado location you HAVE to get their steak tacos because I swear to god they will knock your socks off!! Man, my mouth’s watering just thinking about em!


Next up was Tiger! Tiger! Tavern, just North of the San Diego Zoo. The owners are also founder of Automatic Brewing, which you can find on tap here, and also provide an array of other taps too! For us Seattle folk, finding Pliney on tap kind of blew our minds! We settled on pints, instead of stuffing more flights in our face, and I just had to try one of their own beers! Okay, I can’t say that Automatic Brewing was my favorite (sorry, just honest), but I absolutely LOVED their space. The Tavern reminded me of places like King’s Hardware in Ballard; a little darker in the pub area with an awesome enclosed outdoor patio out back.

You guys, I got to check out one of my top ‘Oh god I want to go there so bad’ breweries! Are you ready to find out which one it is?? I’m still debating upping and move there and begging them for a job.. because oh my damn..


Modern Times Brewing has been across my newsfeed, Instagram & Twitter for MONTHS and I’ve been anticipating a trip down to SD to check them out. For a brewery that I’ve never tasted, I knew I was going to fall in love with this place. The lucky soul’s of California (never thought I would say that..) get to have Modern Time beers whenever they please; while people like me, or the other 49 states, simply can’t enjoy this sweet nectar because they only distribute in CA. This brewery was started by Jacob McKean, who is a former Stone Brewing employee, and has developed into such a wonderful creation in just three years. Along with their core sessionish beers, they are constantly coming up with pilot batches and rotating through tasty special releases.

We got there pretty late at night so things were pretty dark- I know, doesn’t matter right? I wish you guys could see how awesome the colors of the beer were! Seriously. These brews look to be unfiltered (which usually I’m hesitant to) and had these amazing bright juice-like looks to them. Holy. Yum. Probably my favorite was the Fruitlands Blood Orange and Hibiscus which is a malted wheat & pilsner combination. It was like a fruit party in my mouth mixed with tangy and salty notes. Their coffee stout was AMAZING and brewed with their own coffee roasted at their brewery. Honestly, I don’t think you can beat fresh coffee and beer all wrapped up in one! Okay, I think I could go on and on and on… but you really just need to check it out yourself!


Our grand finale ended at Green Flash Brewing; remember when I said to check when breweries are open? This one is NOT open on Monday’s, so beware! I’ve had a bit of green flash beer that I’ve found around Washington and always dig it. But I think another reason I went there is because Ashley Routson (The Beer Wench) is the district manager and I might have a slight beer crush… don’t judge me!

Have you guys heard of Alpine Brewing Co.? Well, they’re out in Alpine (go figure) and I was kind of bummed we weren’t going to make it out there.. Turns out that Green Flash actually acquired Alpine Brewing; so the beers you see bottled out there in the world? Those are Apline’s beers actually brewed on site and GFB! So it was like a double kill that we got to check both these guys off our list. Aside from the tastiest of brews, they also have over-the-top wonderful staff like this dude Ben who helped me find all the Green Flash swag a girl could want and talked with me about beer for far too long!

I definitely didn’t grab enough beer for the trip home! So if any of you California people want to do a beer swap, let me know!

Now I’m kind of sitting here just super bummed out because San Diego is done with and all I want to do is go to the other 300 breweries around the area and drink forever. So, if anyone wants to make another trip with me you better believe I’m game!


Cheers Xx



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