Omnipollo Blueberry Sour

We could all use a little bit of a distraction right now- and by a little, I mean A LOT. A lot of crazy things have happened in the last two days; too much pain, too much hatred, a lot of separation and too much heartbreak. Yet I still have no words…

Too many messed up things.

As I sit here and wallow, let fear sink in and get this never-ending feeling like I’m going to cry, I guess all I can do right now is drink a beer. And hope.

dsc07245I haven’t heard too much about Omnipollo Brewing, but every time I see their labels in a bottle shop I can’t help but gravitate towards them! Seriously, all their bottles are this neat. If you guys didn’t know, I (unapologetically) judge beers by their labels, so finding this guy AND having the beer inside be as delicious definitely won it for me. What’s even more bad ass about this brewery? It’s actually in Sweden.

This American Wild Ale was brewed with blueberry, vanilla and lactose sugar to make one tasty sour.  The color was absolutely gorgeous (as you can see) and offered a light pink head that faded pretty quick. I have a hard time picking up aromas on sour beers- every single one just smells funky to me.. but I guess you could pick up a little bit of the berry from it! I generally stay away from smelling them in hopes that it doesn’t ruin it for me.

At 4.5% I definitely got a lot bolder of flavors than I was anticipating. Notes of blueberry really helped out the sour tanginess from the initial taste. I kind of expected a bit more vanilla from it, so that was a tiny bit disappointing; but don’t get me wrong, the blueberry deliciousness definitely made up for it!

I haven’t jumped in to other beers from Omnipollo, but I’d definitely be curious to check out what else they have going on! Just take a look at their beer list here and be prepared to get excited- so many tasty, tasty things!



Grab some Omnipollo and let me know what you think!

Cheers Xx


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