Modern Times Orderville

The past two weeks have been especially bittersweet as I start to say goodbye to two different work places, celebrate my birthday in beautiful Winthrop with my amazing dude and gear up for the holidays; so what better way to cope? Dip into my little stash of Modern Times Beer of course!

There’s something so annoying about getting older and having to add on responsibilities- not to mention a $1,000 bill to fix my car. But you know what’s amazing about being older? You can still mask your feelings in beer.


Drinking Orderville IPA from Modern Times just means I’m that much closer to being out of the good stuff. Psssst- I’m still accepting beer mail buddies.. This American IPA was pretty tasty and lived up to hype of it all. At 7.2% it didn’t overpower you with bitterness or even that typical alcohol-y taste (bonus!) and poured a beautiful brassy yellow with a nice fluffy head.

dsc07334The nose offered up grapefruit, tropical fruit and some biscuit and was followed by deliciousness. It’s weird to think of a beer being ‘dank’; I mean, isn’t that related to…. well, not beer? But the dankness definitely comes through in the aroma and I’m so into it. What’s dankness in beer? Hops can have a really strong, musky, earthy and dramatic aroma, and it comes through on some heavier IPAs (i.e. this one). I definitely got the fruity characteristics in the taste along with some pine and more malt in the backbone. Mouthfeel was a bit heavier than most IPAs I go for, but I think that might be more of the California style.  

Honestly, I could drink this beer for a long, long time. And Modern Times needs to start gracing Washington with their beer. Also, if you don’t get Modern Times in your state (like, you just don’t live in CA), check out Tavour; it’s a beer service that you can order all the tasty things to your door! And I’ve seen a bit of MT on there, along with other tasty goods! 

Cheers Xx


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