Cozy Sweater Ale

Growing up in the Northwest has to be one of the best; we get beautiful sunny days, perfectly overcast skies, medium temperatures and some fantastic beer. You know what the PNW doesn’t prepare you for? Negative 800 degree weather. Waking up to 28 degrees outside is throwing this Northwest native for a loop!

Sure, we’ve had our share of cold weather, but it’s honestly been years. It was snowing the other morning and I woke up with a mild panic attack going on. You see, I drive a tiny little Nissan Nugget (still trademarking that) that has possibly the worst tires in all the lands and I just. can’t. even. My boyfriend was like “- wait, it gets cold here and snows though..”; Then I started to actually think about it.. we haven’t had actual snow in like two years. I’m not even exaggerating.. but please don’t fact check me.

dsc07389I sometimes forget that Ellensburg has a brewery, and even after I lived there for two years! Chances are that if I’m going to be drinking a stout, nine times out of ten it’s going to be a milk stout. I blame my mother for my sweet tooth.

The Cozy Sweater Vanilla Milk Stout is one of Iron Horse Brewing‘s winter beers and pretty damn tasty. The pour is a rich brown, almost black, and has a substantial head that leaves behind adequate lacing. Aroma smells damn good with notes of roasty toasty malts, coffee and some vanilla undertones. A bit on the sweeter side of milk stouts offering those roasted malts, chocolate and coffee at the first sip and melding into more of a mocha-y flavor to finish off. Honestly, I missed a bit of the vanilla in it and might lean more towards a regular milk stout; however, I’m really in to stouts for the coffee anyway- so I’ll chalk it up to a win. Mouthfeel was medium to a bit thin, especially for a stout, but nonetheless delicious.

Okay okay, I’m giving this beer some pretty good thumbs up. You want to know the one thing that disappoints me about this beer? While it’s sweet, delicious and warms me up, I received zero cozy sweaters and am stuck with a half crocheted blanket on my lap in hops to thaw me from this impossible weather. Other than the lack of free sweater, you should definitely go snag this beer and put on your fanciest, coziest sweater and prepare for this winter storm weather (anything below 52 and I’m out)!

P.S if you’re obsessed with candles, you should snag this pint candle from Stone Brewing because it’s the best thing ever and will change your life.


Cheers Xx


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