2017 Beer Resolutions- or something…


I’ve thrown out New Year’s resolutions years ago- I figured I could keep telling myself that I’ll cut back on eating out, maybe drink a bit less beer and blah, blah, blah.

The list goes on and on.

Looking back at my year and all that I have accomplished in the beer industry has got me throwing together ideas on how to really grow in the new year. I mean, isn’t that what getting older means? Figuring out your sh*t & pull your life together? Well, good luck to that.. Hitting the new year with goals of writing more and experiencing all the new breweries seemed great… until everyone and their mom decided to get sick. And yep, guess who’s sitting here sipping on kombucha and trying to have an apatite?

So what do you do when the New Year starts? Clearly think of some things that will make your like 190% better with little effort. Mine is a bit like that… but better. I have some beer resolutions!

Take Less For Granted

You know, with a brewery like Big Al Brewing closing in White Center, we have to stop taking these great breweries for granted. Forget about sparing on the mileage and get out there! I’m seriously kicking myself for never checking out their space, but 2017 is the year of no ragrats.

Inspire More Beer Beauties

I started writing and throwing myself in to the beer industry to inspire, support and uplift everyone- especially women. If working in the industry has taught me anything it’s that beerism/sexism truly is alive in the industry, and this year we break down that facade and show this boys club what’s up!

Make More Beer Friends

Honestly, what’s better than a bottle share with people who love beer as much as you?! I’ve slowly gotten out of my shell and started to make those friends, but now I want to surround myself with all of them! Surround yourself with people that get just as jazzed about that new IPA as you, or is dying to try that sour that might be too much or might just be damn delicious. Share your knowledge with someone who doesn’t know that much, or open yourself up to new suggestions. Trust me- I never thought I would like saisons but after a little peer pressure I’m a fiend!

Put Your Phone Down

I’m literally the worst at this. I dive in to the social media of things and, admittedly, absolutely love it. But you know who doesn’t love it? Your friends that are trying to have an actual conversation with you might punch you in the face. I’m probably the most guilty. But put the phone down, or snap a quick pic and let it go. Your social media fans can completely wait, and I’m sure they won’t unfollow you. 😉

Live In The Moment

Yeah, yeah. Everyone says carpe diem or whatever. But seriously! Live in the moment of beerfests. Go to every single one and drink everything (responsibly). I debate going to these fests because I don’t want to spend money or go by myself, but who cares? Chances are I’m going to miss going to that Belgian Fest or shelling out for GABF- so no regrets right? Adventure more!

Basically what I’m saying is that there are so many great breweries, beer events and beer friends out there you have no other option but to make this year yours. What are some of my beer goals? Besides making out new puppy a brew pup God?! Here you go:

  1. Do a Bend, OR beer trip
  2. Explore Hood River and pFriem Brewing
  3. Go to GABF in October
  4. Have an article published
  5. Explore more breweries in California
  6. Visit the WA/OR coast and drink all the things!
  7. Focus more on photography + beer photography
  8. Feel more confident with my own writing
  9. Interview some amazing breweries
  10. And dabble with some home brewing!

What’s on your list?

Cheers Xx


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