Flying Bike Cooperative Brewing Celebrates IPApril

Is it just me or is this winter last forever and ever? Seriously. We had, what, 40 straight days of rain? I know- we live in Seattle and should be used to the rain.. but sometimes you just need some damn sun! And I know for a fact I’m not the only one walking around with a depressing little grey cloud above my head.


So how are we going to jump (hopefully) into Spring? Well, with some celebrating of course!

 I love any excuse to celebrate beer. Stout month? Okay. A special release? Don’t mind if I do! But we’re talking about some next level celebrating here.


For the month of April, Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery will be throwing down some seriously delicious IPAS to chase those blues away. Every Tuesday in IPApril, Flying Bike will be releasing a new IPA to send your taste buds on a delicious adventure.

As I’ve told you guys before about Flying Bike, they are member operated and ran, so these tasty beers are hand-crafted, selected and brewed by your neighbors!

These four beers include a limited Endo Triple IPA aged on rye oak chips, a Lavender IPA Redux which has been aged on dry lavender (personally one of my favorites from them), Tropical Heat IPA infusing their flagship IPA with pineapple, mango and chilies and The Rill Dill IPA which utilizes Sorachi Ace and Mosaic hops combing it with fresh dill, garlic cloves and some chilies.


I’m not sure about you, but these beers sound damn tasty! Read the full press release below and see yah there!

 Cheers Xx


Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery welcomes spring with IPApril!

March 22nd, 2017 – Seattle, WA

Chase away the dark, dreary days of winter with an adventure through luscious fields of hops and layers of flavors at Flying Bike. Join us as our brewers challenge your palate with a new limited IPA release every week in April. Every Tuesday of IPApril we will be releasing a keg of small batch aged/infused IPA. These beers reflect the daring spirit of Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery and our member-owners, patrons, and community. We’ll also be releasing two brand new original recipe IPAs during the month – Mosaic Sorachi Ace IPA and our latest member hombrew competition winning IPA (date TBD).

Fri Mar 31st: Mosaic Sorachi Ace IPA (draft & cask release)

A dry IPA with challenging hops and multi-layered with full flavors. It employs Mosaic, Simcoe, and Chinook hops on brew day and is dry hopped during active fermentation with a heavy hand of Sorachi Ace (and some Simcoe, because we all love Simcoe!). There’s no fooling around with this one, so we are releasing this one day before April.

Tue Apr 4th: Endo IIIPA Aged on Rye Oak

This limited Endo Triple IPA version is aged on rye oak chips salvaged from the deconstruction of whiskey barrels used to age Mriya, our Russian Imperial Stout. The oak rounds out Endo beautifully, with hints of rye just expressive enough to impart their own character.

Tue Apr 11th: Lavender IPA Redux

Our flagship IPA, Fly-P.A., aged on dried lavender presents a nice herbal pop on top of a crisp, bright Northwest IPA. Great for warming months, and when flowers are starting to blossom!

Tue Apr 18th: Tropical Heat IPA

An infusion of our flagship IPA, Fly-P.A., with pineapple, mango, and chilies. Chili pepper flavors are wonderfully assertive without too much heat. Juuuust enough to make you taste that fresh chili flavor without detracting you from this beautiful NW style IPA. Paired with the intrinsic sweetness of the mango and pineapple, this is a wonderfully deep yet sessionable IPA.

Tue Apr 25th: The Rill Dill IPA

Considered the Magnum Opus of the month – Sorachi Ace in the Mosiac Sorachi Ace IPA tends to have flavors of dill, lemon zest, and wood. So we thought, we’re half way there, why don’t we just fully commit to it? The Rill Dill is infused with fresh dill, garlic cloves, a small amount of dried chilies, and pickles. This is certainly the weirdest, highest-risk infusion we’ve done at Flying Bike, but with great risk, comes great reward! We have a deep respect for the culture of experimentation and consider this to be a strong nod in that direction. Nothing is sacred at Flying Bike, and that’s what our brewers, customers, and members adore about us. We hope you will join!

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is located at 8570 Greenwood Ave N, featuring member beer recipes and the creations of head brewer Kevin Forhan and assistant brewer Scott Jensen. Currently the Co-op has 1773 members. Flying Bike is fully open to the public. Special benefits for members include: discounts on beer, beer-related educational opportunities, special events and beer releases, voting rights in co-op matters, and the chance to compete in and judge member homebrew competitions.


Flying Bike Marketing Team

Twitter: @flyingbikecoop





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